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Zero Gravity Hybrid AirDrop



New Product Release 6- 2018

The ZG Hybrid AirDrop Bucktail Underspin makes for a most unique, underspin that stays in the strike zone longer, mimics forage, hand- tied with built in "breathing" undulating fibers & feathers that targets multi- species. So versatile, it's a no-brainer for every tacklebox.

The Zero Gravity Hybrid AirDrop Bucktail Underspin with it's color matching, hand- tied, UV cured & secured thread, combination of premium bucktail hair, grizzly hackle, flashabou and feathers makes for a high quality, innovative, versatile fishing catching tool for practically every species that swims.

We guarantee the quality of each bucktail tye even if it gets gnarled up from being chomped one too many times. 

Effectively targets both freshwater fish, bass, crappie, etc, well as saltwater, redfish, stripers, speckled trout, bluefish, etc, short, good for all waters.

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