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Zero Gravity

Finesse Jig


  • EZ Compression compact Finesse Skirt

  • Revolutionary, lead-free jig head design

  •  4/0 Black Nickel VMC Jig Hook

  • Patented, Mop length EZ skirting

  • Color matching Fiber weedguard

  • Weight: only .21ozs in a half ounce jig size head!

With a slow, enticing fall rate of only 1 foot every 3 seconds (instead of 3 feet every 1 second for a typical jig) the Zero Gravity Jig ushers in the next generation of bass fishing jigs. Wake, swim, flip, pitch, c-rig, jerk or twitch it, the choice is yours! The Innovation Award winning Zero Gravity Jig is available in 6 fish catching patterns.

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