Catch Outdoors is now offering it's most popular Zero Gravity Jigs in a ready to fish kit! The kit includes 6 ZG Jigs to cover all water clarities: Bama Craw, Hot Craw, Largemouth Bass, Threadfin Shad, Bluegill and Black. Each kit also contains: 9 color matching BITE! trailers specifically picked for these 6 jigs: 3 BITE! Craws, 3 BITE! Chunk Craws, 2 Buzz N' Grubs, 1 split tail trailer. A 14" Catch decal suitable for truck, boat, or cooler is included free. 

Zero Gravity Jig Kit

  • Each Zero Gravity kit comes in a Tackle Logic 3650 storage container. These make great for presents for your angling friends as everything they need to catch fish is in this kit.


    $12 savings by purchasing the ZG Jig kit vs individual items!