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Now the fall rate has become even slower and less intrusive with the NEW Zero Gravity Finesse Jig. Offering the ultimate slow fall, small profile in a more compact jig and skirt.  The Zero Gravity Finesse Jig makes an ideal choice following cold fronts, sight fishing beds, or targeting heavy pressure docks for finicky fish.The Zero Gravity Finesse is available in 6 fish catching colors.


Add Elixer scent to your Finesse ZG for more bites!



Zero Gravity Finesse Jig

  • The Zero Gravity Finesse Jig is equipped with:

    •  patented EZ compression finesse skirt
    • color matching fiber weedguard
    • super sharp 4/0 black nickel VMC jig hook.


    The Zero Gravity Finesse Jig is constructed from the same precision shaped, durable non-lead material as the Original Zero Gravity Jig which has earned it's name from the incredibly slow 1 foot per 3 seconds rate of fall, thus prolonging the amount of time spent descending which can only have one result - more fish. 



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