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The Zero Gravity AirScope jig head is specifically designed for the hottest rave in fishing, Live Scoping and for Active Target users.  At 2.75" the ZG AirScope is a slow falling, full bodied, shad detail jig head that pairs perfectly with soft plastic fluke and paddle tail like baits from 2.5" to 5" long. Unlike traditional jig heads of similar size, the ZG AirScope sports a perfect long shanked, wider gapped 4/0 hook for improved hook ups (designed by Catch owner and lure designer, Kelly Barefoot) The ZG AirScope with all these big jig features weighs in at a mere .31 ounces and sports a fall rate twice as slow as jigs of similar size, meaning you easily stay in contact with your lure and above your target fish instead of below them.


The ZG scope is available in 5 colors.  2/ pack

Zero Gravity AirScope

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