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The Catch Sabre Toad is a perfect all purpose hollow bodied frog: exceptional detail, 3 D eyes, castability, trimmable, flexible living rubber legs to fit your h20 needs, strong inner body wired construction, double EWG frog hooks and self balancing action that sets the frog upright in the water every cast. The Sabre Toad is keel weighted, designed to sit high, walk, chug, spit and to resist taking in water which is a common issue with other frogs. It comes in 2 fish cathcing sizes, 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz  and 5 colors. The Sabre Toad is a great multi purpose frog to cover all your topwater, thick vegetation , heavy cover and mat frog fishing needs.

Sabre Toad

$7.79 Regular Price
$5.99Sale Price
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