This is a no brainer addition to jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, or bladed jigs! Gone are the days of the dull, not sharp, soft metal trailer hooks. Catch's Stinger Pro VMC trailer hooks are chemically sharpened needle point, incredibly sharp.  Add our custom tied, color matching flash, & UV cured thread and you've just added better performance and serious fish appeal to your lure. It's truly a no brainer, a must if you want to lessen those short strikes and keep them buttoned.  The Stinger Pro trailer hook has a large ringed eye that allows it to easily slip over the main hook of your lure.

STINGER Pro Trailer Hooks (4 pack)

Hook Size
    • Each 4 pack comes with all 4 colors included
    • Red Flash
    • Chartreuse Flash
    • Clear Flash
    • Shad Flash 
    • Available in 2/0 or 3/0
    • 4 rubber keepers included
    • Black nickel VMC