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The tungsten Jack Slap is simply a fish catcher of any creature that swims: bass, crappie, catfish, perch, white perch, white bass, bluegills, stripers, blues, specks, even fl etc,...comprised of tungsten alloy the Jack Slap is powered by a 6-#8 black nickel BKK trebles and small rear colorado blade for tail thumping action. Jack Slap features include a duo lock snap with 3 line tie positions. Realistic scales, mouth, head and 3-D eyes finish out the ultra design details. The Jack Slap is highly effective on a cast or fished vertically over target species and bait.  Deadly year round! If it swims, Jack Slap will catch it.


Weight: available in 2 sizes : 1/6 oz., 1/4 oz, 1/3 oz., 1/2 oz.

Colors: Gold, Silver, Shad, Hot Blue Shad, Tennessee Shad, Chartreuse Shad (NEW 2023 Color- PINK SHAD)


Jack Slap

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