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The Zero Gravity Hybrid AirQuake is an exciting upgrade to typical lead, no detail vibrating bladed jigs, combining both traditional weighting (50%) and ZG lead-free head tech (50%) which creates a slower, half the fall rate of lead or other metal alloys, leaving you in the strike zone longer. Our tapered body and proprietary baitfish blade shape creates a strong, pulsating, rod thumping action. The AirQuake features a highly detailed bait-like profile with internal foiling for increased realism and durability vs external foiling. The AQ features a full compression skirt, wire keeper to secure soft plastics, and a wicked sharp 5/0 black nickel hook.  The AirQuake is a versatile fishing tool for practically every species that swims in fresh and salth20. 50% traditional internal weighting and 50% Zero Gravity head tech makes the AirQuake exceptionally castable and fishable from top to bottom. Weight .50 ozs.


Zero Gravity Hybrid AirQuake