The Zero Gravity Hybrid AirDrop Bucktail Underspin features color matching, hand- tied, UV cured & secured thread, with a combination of premium bucktail hair, grizzly hackle, flashabou and premium feathers. This combo makes for a high quality, innovative, undualting, " breathing" action in the water. A versatile fishing catching tool for practically every species that swims. 60% traditional internal weighting and 40% Zero Gravity head tech makes the AirDrop exceptionally castable, yet fishable from top to bottom. 


Each unit comes with a 1 year re-tie guarantee from date of purchase in case your lure gets chomped by a fish with wicked teeth that does damage to the tye.

Zero Gravity Hybrid AirDrop Bucktail Underspin

    • Premium custom, hand tyed bucktail, flashabou, hair, hackle and feathers. 
    • UV cured thread and clear, extremely durable
    • 5/0 black nickel hook
    • trailer keeper
    • Drop down hook hanger for free spinning, no tangle action
    • ZG head tech
    • 3- d eyes
    • High quality paint
    • Realistic 3-D head details
    • Internal foil
    • Durable finish
    • Nickel & gold willow blades
    • Ball bearing swivel
    • We guarantee the quality of each bucktail tye for a full year from purchase date, even if it gets gnarled up from being chomped one too many times. ​
    • Effectively targets both freshwater fish, bass, crappie, etc, well as saltwater, redfish, stripers, speckled trout, bluefish, etc, short, good for all waters.