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Years rolling by...

It's amazing to see how different & how far this once all handmade, all custom, small business has come since it's creation in 2003 and officially launched in summer of 2004. Each year has been a learning experience full of both success and failures. Every year brought huge challenges, especially in the earlier years. Swimming in a tackle world of behemoth manufacturers is a constant swim upstream. It has kept us motivated to provide both great customer service and great products. 2016 was no different in that aspect, except that it was our most successful and productive year ever, multiplied times two, literally. Lure production & sales were both at an all time high with our Zero Gravity Jig and Original Floating Worm once again leading the way. They are without question becoming yearly staples in the angling world.

We are grateful, we are humbled, and we are evolving in 2017. We have to grow and adapt. We hope you will continue to ride out this journey with us.

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