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Hurry up, wait

Time moves slowly in the world of lure and product design. Besides always being an expensive process that typically runs over budget, creating something from nothing

is an endurance sport in itself. It requires patience and trust in others, often from strangers within industry and manufacturing. Your investment rides squarely on the hopes that they are highly competent, can see your vision, and can replicate it to perfection. Even if all goes smoothly during the concept, design, testing and manufacturing phases, there's still no promises that your ideas will sell to others. That is still the last part I consider. A good idea haunts me until I see it to full completion, insert Zero Gravity Jig here. Novel ideas are rare, do not flow freely, and are never promised tomorrow. Moral of this story, take advantage of your thoughts and ideas, act on them. Fear of taking that leap is the major step that separates innovators from action. We hope anglers will enjoy our newest creations that are in development now.

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